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Volunteer Genealogist

SKU: PS0139

To update the criteria for purchase of the Volunteer Genealogists pin by members as follows: 

  1. Successful completion of the Genealogy Education Program (GEP) Courses 1, 2 3, and 7; and
  2. Forward 100 electronically reviewed new member applications to the Genealogy Department; and
  3. Serve on a State Application Team and complete 20 new member applications with no more than one AIR letter; Completion of GEP 7 to serve as a Mid-level Reviewer (MLR) and forward 100 or
  4. Serve on a State Review Team and review 25 new member applications with no more than one AIR letter.

A bar is available on the completion of an additional 250 qualified applications. Approval required.

Rationale: Mid-level review training program, GEP 7, is currently required to serve as an electronic application mid-level review volunteer. (aka EARS). This will update the pin requirements to match the required educational requirements.