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Lineage Research Volunteer

SKU: PS0141

This pin requires minimum of 100 hours of any of the following research efforts:  

  • Volunteering to complete research requests from the Lineage Research Lookup Board 
  • Finding documentation including compiling and writing analyses for application papers 
  • Assisting prospective members with research at chapter or CDRC workshops 
  • Researching to resolve Have Written/AIR letters,  
  • Researching a closed patriot's service through the Cold Closed Cases Project 

Click here to purchase add on bar. Bars with star available for additional 100 hours of research. Additional engraved stars – up to a total of five - for each additional 100 hours. 

This product is available for purchase only without engraving. Optional engraving is temporarily suspend due to government COVID-19 restrictions limiting staff access to DAR Headquarters. Optional engraving will be offered again after these restrictions are lifted by the Mayor of the District of Columbia. We thank you for your patience. Please click here for more information.