DAR Insignia Store FAQs

ORder Statuses

1. How can I see the status of an order I placed?















    • You can view the status of your order on shop.dar.org by clicking the ‘Account’ button on the right-hand side at the top of your screen. Then, select ‘Order Status'. You will be prompted to login if you are not already, and you will see the status of any orders you have placed. Please note that you must have an account on shop.dar.org to login and view the status of an order.  


2. What does each order status mean?

    • Awaiting Fulfillment: After checkout, your order will automatically show as ‘Awaiting Fulfillment’. Orders that don’t require verification against your national record or engraving will remain in this status until the order is ready to be shipped.
    • Awaiting Approval: Your order will change to ‘Awaiting Approval’ if verification is needed against your national record. Approvals can take anywhere between 1-4 weeks depending on the verification needed.
    • Awaiting Engraving: Your order will change to ‘Awaiting Engraving’ once it has been approved and is in the engraving queue. We are currently experiencing a backlog of engraving orders due to COVID-19 staffing restrictions. We are working on orders as quickly as possible, and we thank members for their patience. Please note all DAR Insignia Store items purchased in the same order will ship together; you will not receive your unengraved items separately.
    • Shipped: Your order will change to ‘Shipped’ once it has been collected for delivery. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information once your order has shipped.
    • Partially Shipped: If your order contains items from the DAR Insignia Store and the DAR Store or Museum Shop, your order will change to ‘Partially Shipped’ once one of your orders has shipped. You will receive an additional confirmation email with tracking information once your second order is shipped.

3. When I check my order status, I see a note under one of the products saying that it "cannot be reordered because it's out of stock." What does this message mean?

    • This message means the product has sold out since your order was placed, and new orders will not be accepted until the product is back in stock. Your order has already been accounted for. This message does not affect your current order; it only applies to new orders.


1. Are all pins and ribbons made in the USA?

    • Yes! All pins and ribbons from the DAR Insignia Store are manufactured and assembled in the U.S. 

2. How do I correctly arrange my pins on my ribbon?

    • Pins are placed in the order listed beginning with the highest office at the top of the ribbon (nearest the arm if wearing more than one ribbon), filling each ribbon from top to bottom, and ending with the official insignia at the bottom of the ribbon over the heart (neck side). Please refer to document INS-1000 Placement of DAR Insignia and Pins on Official Ribbon for guidance on how to properly arrange your pins. 

 2. How will we find out when the items on our “Wishlist” are available for purchase? 

    • Currently, “Wishlists” are available to help you plan your Insignia purchases. The best way to see if an item you want is in-stock is to see if it’s listed in the In Stock Products section of our website. Updates on incoming inventory will also be posted to the DAR Members' Website as they become available.

 3. Are gift certificates available?

    • Yes, electronic gift certificates are available for purchase here. They can be redeemed on orders at the DAR Store & DAR Museum Shop as well.

4. Do I use the same login on shop.dar.org and the DAR members' site?

    • No, the DAR Members' Website uses a separate login. Click here to create an account on shop.dar.org and keep track of all your DAR Shopping orders!

5. Why was my credit card charged before my item shipped?

    • Payment is taken at the time the order is placed; your credit card will be charged at checkout. Our system does not allow us to hold payment information to charge upon shipment. We thank you for your understanding.


1. When will more pins become available for purchase?

    • Inventory will be added to the In Stock Products section of our website every week. Check back each week to see which products are new!

2. Do the Chapter and Ancestor Bars include a ribbon bar/rider?

    • No, neither pin comes with a ribbon bar/rider.

3. When will pins in the Coming Soon section be available to purchase?

    • Coming Soon pins are ones that have already been ordered from our manufacturers. These pins will be added as in-stock products on the website as soon as they become available.

4. Why can’t I find the pin I’m looking for on your website?

    • If you do not see the pin you are looking for listed on our website, it might be sold out or not a part of our initial orders with manufacturers. That doesn't mean it won’t be carried in the future; we plan to offer all the pins in our catalog.

5. Will you offer 14k gold pins?

    • Yes, eventually many pins are available in 14k gold by special order only. Please contact 1-888-327-1890 or 202-879-3273 for assistance in special orders.


1. Why is engraving currently not available on the pin I would like to purchase?

    • We have temporarily suspended new orders for optional engraving on Insignia products. More than 300 Insignia products are available to purchase without optional engraving, along with a selection of required engraving pins. The DAR Insignia Store plans to offer optional engraving services again soon. 

2. What type of engraving do you offer?

    • The DAR Insignia Store uses machine engraving for all standard engraving. Laser engraving is available on select pins for a small fee.

3. The text I would like engraved on my pin exceeds the maximum characters allowed. What should I do? 

    • We evaluate the maximum characters allowed for each pin based on the pin's size. However, in some case-by-case scenarios, it may be possible to adjust the limit. If your desired engraving text exceeds the set limit, please contact an Insignia associate for assistance.

4. Can I purchase a blank required engraving pin or bar and get it engraved myself?

    • To ensure the consistency of engraving across our products, the DAR Insignia Store does not sell blank required engraving pins or bars.

5. What does your standard engraving look like?

    • Machine Engraved Insignia:





    • Machine Engraved Chapter Bar:


    • Machine Engraved Ancestor Bar:


    • Machine Engraved Standard Bar:


6. What does your laser engraving look like?

  • Laser Engraved Insignia:

  • Laser Engraved Ancestor Pin:

  • Laser Engraved Standard Bar

  • Ribbon With Laser Engraved Chapter And Ancestor Bars:


7. What does your engraving for 14K Gold look like?

  • 14K Gold Engraved Ancestor Bar:

  • 14K Gold Engraved Standard Bar:


1. Do you offer repair services? 

    • The DAR Insignia Store offers a limited range of in-house repair services. Please contact the DAR Insignia Store Team at insigniastore@dar.org or by phone at (888) 327-1890 to find out more, including information about repair fees.
    • This service is not available for 14K gold items. Members must reach out to the DAR Insignia Store by email at insigniastore@dar.org or by phone at (888) 327-1890 for a list of authorized 14K gold jewelry repair contractors.


1. Will my order with items from the DAR Store, DAR Museum, and DAR Insignia Store ship separately?

    • Yes, products from the DAR Insignia Store will ship separately from the other stores. Insignia products require special handling and include a separate flat rate shipping fee of $8.00. Please allow extra time for engraved and special ordered items to arrive.

2. How long will it take to receive my order containing engraved items? 

    • We are experiencing a backlog of orders for engraved items. We thank you for your patience as we worth through our engraving orders as quickly as possible. Please note all DAR Insignia Store items purchased in the same order will ship together; you will not receive your unengraved items separately.

3. What should I do if I never received my package from USPS?

    • If it has been 15 days or more since your original notification of shipment, we encourage you to file a claim with USPS. Claims for lost packages must be made no later than 60 days after your original notification of shipment.


1. What is the Legacy program? 

    • The Legacy program was created in May 2020 to encourage prospective members to take the easiest pathway to membership and simplify the application process overall. Legacy designation is granted for prospective members who connect to an established lineage within three generations. More information on the Legacy program can be found on The Members’ Section of the DAR Website. 

2. How can I obtain Legacy status?  

    • As of May 7, 2020, new applications are automatically reviewed, and if qualified, members will be granted Legacy status on their record. Members desiring Legacy status retroactively can do so by sending an email message, including name and National Number, to Legacy@dar.org. Please be patient; requests are researched as quickly as possible. 

3. Do I need to obtain confirmation of my Legacy status before ordering my pin? 

    • Yes, you must receive a confirmation that Legacy status has been granted in our database prior to ordering. (If you are unsure, please check with your Chapter Registrar.)  

4. How can I order the Legacy pin?  

    • Members who have already obtained Legacy status can purchase their pin online by clicking here, or by calling a Member Service Associate at (888) 327-1890 during regular business hours. If you have requested Legacy status retroactively, please be patient and only purchase the pin once your status has been confirmed.   

5. Who should I contact if I have questions about receiving Legacy status? 

    • Legacy status is determined by the Genealogy Department. If you have a question about the Legacy program, please contact Legacy@dar.org. If you have already sent a request, please do not send another one. Please be patient; requests are researched as quickly as possible. If you have specific questions about the pin, please contact the DAR Insignia Store. 

6. When will I receive my Legacy pin that includes optional engraving?

    • Orders for the Legacy pin that contain optional engraving will go through the queue with all other pins. If you would like to receive your Legacy pin as soon as possible, complete your order without including optional engraving.

LAST UPDATED 01/5/2023