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Congratulations on the signed approval of your nomination from the American Heritage Committee.  Please upload your approved application/letter ONLY to purchase this award.  No supporting documentation is needed.

The purpose of the Women in the Arts Recognition Award is to recognize and honor a woman who has exhibited excellence in her chosen genre. This award is an art award designed to recognize worthy women for outstanding achievements in the non-performance arts including fiber arts design and creation, fine arts, sculpture design and creation, music composition, literature and drama authorship, artisan design and creation including, but not limited to, jewelry, metalwork, decorative painting, and pottery. The recipient is expected to have contributed to her artistic field in an outstanding manner beyond mastery of technique. This may include innovative design work, featured exhibitions, publication, research, and technique development. The criteria for this award are strict, and not all nominations are successful.

Once your nomination application is approved by the American Heritage Committee, and you have received the approval letter, then you can order the award by upoading the approval letter. There is no additional documentation required.

For more information about this award and other American Heritage Committee pursuits, visit the DAR’s American Heritage Committee webpage.

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