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Genealogy Education Program (GEP)

SKU: PS0121

Eligibility for this pin requires completion of at least one or more of the GEP courses (GEP 1, 2, and 3 must be taken in order), DNA, or Registrar Training Course. There is no perquisite for DNA or Registrar Training Course. Approval required.

Purchase of the GEP Pin requires a bar to be purchased with the pin to signify the completion of  DNAGEP IGEP IIGEP III, and Registrar courses. Additional bars may be purchased separately in the future.

Gold plated

This product is available for purchase only without engraving. Optional engraving is temporarily suspended due to government COVID-19 restrictions limiting staff access to DAR Headquarters. Optional engraving will be offered again after these restrictions are lifted by the Mayor of the District of Columbia. We thank you for your patience.