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The DAR Insignia is the official symbol of the National Society and should always be treated with dignity and respect. In the form of a spinning wheel and distaff, the Insignia is worn at the bottom of the official ribbon. Most new members start with the basic insignia, which consists of the Chapter Bar, Ancestor Bar, and the Official Insignia. Approval for purchase is required.

This DAR Official Insignia may only be worn by DAR members on the official Insignia ribbon according to the most current "Placement of DAR Insignia and Pins on Official Ribbon" document found on the Insignia Committee webpage.

This gold-filled Insignia measures 1'' x 1.5". It comes with one sapphire in the center and is only worn attached to the DAR ribbon.

Required engraving of the member's national number appears on the back of the pin. The member's name can be engraved optionally at no additional cost. Laser engraving, the option with black ink, is available and will cost an additional $25.00. For an example, please visit DAR Store FAQs

Important information from the Insignia Committee webpage: DAR insignia and pins should be worn with business professional attire and formal evening attire, which includes mix and match or coordinating skirt suits and pants suits, day dresses, tea-length dresses, evening gowns, and other formal evening attire. If you’re wearing casual attire such as denim jeans, yoga pants, and other casual clothing, please do not wear your DAR insignia and pins. The DAR Handbook states, “The insignia pin may be worn with attire appropriate for DAR occasions, which includes pants and jackets.”

To learn more about the proper use of our Insignia, please visit the Insignia Committee webpage. 

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