Insignia Magnet

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Our Insignia magnet is a high-quality and reusable accessory that offers an alternative way to attach any item with a pin stem. Attach it to the Insignia on your ribbon and rather than piercing the fabric of your clothes, the magnet will hold the Insignia in place. You may want more than one since it can also convert a non-magnetic miniature ribbon to a magnetic ribbon. It can even be used for other decorative pins and broaches.

Simply insert the pin stem through the V-channel on the top magnet. Then, secure the pin clasp, and align the pin where you would like it on your garment. Place the bottom magnet on the underside of the garment and allow the magnets to connect. Your pin is now securely in place!

This handy device measures only 1/2" wide.

Warning: Magnets should not be worn with certain medical devices, including pacemakers and defibrillators.

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