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The NSDAR Genealogy Department has created and maintains eight Genealogical Education Programs (GEP). The GEP courses provide the most complete and up-to-date information on the proper completion and documentation standards required by the DAR for the verification of applications.

DAR members who have successfully completed at least one Genealogy Education Program course may proudly purchase and wear this pin. When the 14K gold GEP Pin is purchased, members must also purchase at least one unique blue enamel bar that indicates the GEP course(s) completed. The links are below. Approval is required to purchase this pin and the bars.

This pin may only be worn by DAR members on the official Insignia ribbon according to the most current "Placement of DAR Insignia and Pins on Official Ribbon" document found on the Insignia Committee webpage.

This gold-filled pin measures 1" x 3/8".

Select the 14K gold bar for the course you completed to earn the GEP Pin. At least one bar must be purchased at the same time the GEP is purchased.
14K Gold GEP I
14K Gold GEP II
14K Gold GEP III
14K Gold DNA (GEP IV)
Gold-filled eAPP (GEP V)
Gold-filled Registrar
Gold-filled Mid-Level Review

For more information about or to enroll in these extremely valuable genealogy research resources, please visit the Genealogy Education Programs (GEP) webpage.

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