Voices of Our Republic

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The inspiring coffee table book, Voices of Our Republic, serves as a companion to the three-part 2020 PBS series "A More or Less Perfect Union, A Personal Exploration" by Judge Douglas Ginsburg, which delves into past, present, and future struggles for liberty through the lens of the U.S. Constitution. Voices of Our Republic features thoughts about the Constitution from personalities, dignitaries, and everyday heroes, including Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Arthur Sulzberger, Alan Dershowitz, Sandra Day O’Connor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joseph Ellis, Jack Nicklaus, Gene Simmons, Ron Chernow, and many others. These figures help answer the question of why the Constitution is so important and how it can be applied to political discourse today. Each person emphasizes a different part of the Constitution―from the Bill of Rights to the 19th Amendment and beyond―and why those particular passages are important. Complete with more than 75 full-color photos―many from the private collections of the contributors―this book makes the perfect gift for every American, regardless of political affiliation. Voices of Our Republic serves as a key resource for those looking to better appreciate the foundation of American government and to increase our understanding of its application during its initial creation and still today.

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