"Today's DAR" Prospective Member Brochures

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"Today's DAR and You" is a colorful and eye-catching prospective member brochure that provides answers to questions about becoming a DAR member. It is ideal for chapters to use as a membership handout and opens to an 18" x 16" poster that could be used on display boards. Space on the back of the brochure allows for chapters to put their own local contact information.

Discounts when buying in bulk quantities:

  • 10 (1 package) for $4.00 or
  • 50 (5 packages) for $18.00 or
  • 100 (10 packages) for $35.00.

Brochures are sold in packs of 10. Divide the number you desire to purchase by 10 and that would be your "Quantity"
Need 200 (divide by 10) Quantity = 20

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