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One of the best ways to ensure members do not have to worry about their membership status as they age is by becoming Life Members. This establishes continuance of membership and assures the individual member of a permanent association with the Society. Her national dues as well as the member contribution made in support of the President General's Project in each adminsitration are fully funded once the member achieves Life Member status.

Members who wish to achieve Life Membership status must submit a Life Membership application and make a $1,300 contribution to the Life Membership Fund. While the fee may be paid at any age, the benefits of Life Membership begin after the participating member reaches age sixty-five. Life Members and Life Members-Pending may purchase and wear this Life Member pin. Approval is required to purchase this pin.

When this pin is worn by DAR members on the official Insignia ribbon, it must be placed according to the most current "Placement of DAR Insignia and Pins on Official Ribbon" document found on the Insignia Committee webpage.

This gold-filled pin measures 1 1/4" x 3/4".

To become a Life Member or Life Member-Pending, please visit the DAR Membership Committee webpage.



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