Dot Clips

Item: PA0008

The Dot Clips are great alternatives to loops for attaching bars to one another and for attaching some pins to bars.

Dot-clips are designed to work with the general standard bars and standard curved bars. Many of the pins that use the standard bar and standard curved bar including the NSDAR Associate Member, Units Overseas, National Vice Chairman, Chapter Officer, State Chairman of a State Committee, and National Committee Member pins can be attached to their respective bars with dot-clips. Dot-clips will also work with the GEP and Member Training pins and bars.

There are a few exceptions. The Dot Clips will not work with the President General's Project Sales pin and bars. The Dot Clips will not work in fastening a general standard bar to the State Personal Page to the President General and the Personal Page to the State Regent pins.

The use of the Dot Clips is a great way to minimize the space between pins and bars. One pack of Dot Clips includes 10 clips.

Dimensions: Diameter of the dot is approximatey 3/16".  The length of the dot and the clip is approximately 5/16".

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