Commemorative Grave Stake

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Beautifully designed in black with silver writing, this unofficial commemorative grave stake measures 4.5” in diameter and is made of metal weighing 8-ounces. The DAR logo appears in the center of the grave stake, surrounded by the words “Revolutionary War Patriot.”

The grave stake includes an attached 6” pointed stake/holder in which to insert a flag as well as to anchor in the ground. It is intended for occasional use such as on Memorial, Independence, or Veterans Day and does not require approval from the Office of the Historian General the way the permanent markers do. It is made in the USA.

For more information about the Permanent Grave Markers that can be attached/mounted on a grave stone, please visit the DAR Member Grave Marker 

For more information about DAR's involvment in America's 250th birthday celebration, please visit the DAR America 250! Committee webpage.

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