Bicentennial of the Santa Fe Trail 1821-2021

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The Bicentennial of the Santa Fe Trail commemorative pin celebrates the 200th anniversary of America's first great international commercial highway. For nearly sixty years after, it served as one of our nation's great routes of adventure and western expansion. Daughters are committed to championing the importance of the trail, preserving the markers along the trail, and demonstrating the patriotism exhibited by their ancestors who traveled the Santa Fe Trail.

When this commemorative pin is worn by DAR members on the official Insignia ribbon, it must be placed according to the most current "Placement of DAR Insignia and Pins on Official Ribbon" document found on the Insignia Committee webpage.

When not worn on the official ribbon, DAR members may only wear this commemorative pin as a brooch, not on a right-side ribbon. When non-members wear this commemorative pin, they should demonstrate pride in all DAR stands for by wearing it only when dressed nicely and in a respectful manner.

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This pin measures 13/16" x 1".

Choose between the 10K gold-filled or 24K gold-plated metal options.

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