1799-1800 Sleeveless Spencer Pattern


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Sleeveless Spencers were very popular in the last years of the 1790s into the early years of 19th Century. This style of vest has a very short back and some form of ruffle or peplum ornamentation to highlight the high waistline. The changeable silk taffeta vest with silk cord trim and buttons was featured in the DAR Museum’s exhibit “An Agreeable Tyrant”: Fashion After the Revolution. (catalog number 2005.6)

FIT: The very high period waist is higher than what a woman in the 21st century would wear and cannot be easily achieved without some form of corsetry. This Sleeveless Spencer would have been worn over a chemise, corset, and with at least one petticoat and dress.

Check the measurement charts for sizing. Patterns are printed on 20lb weight paper, with multiple sizes each uniquely color-coded on the pattern. Includes documentation, photographs, drawings, and sewing instructions focusing on period construction methods, but can be sewn using modern sewing machine methods. The person who buys any one of these patterns can be confident that the pattern shapes are period correct which allows the individual the option to be as period correct in sewing techniques and construction as he or she wishes to be.

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