US Flag/Certificate (Flown over Memorial Continental Hall)


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Order a 3’ x 5’ United States Flag flown over Memorial Continental Hall for yourself or someone special! This flag may be presented "In Memory of" or "In Honor of" an individual, group or organization. The customized 8.5" x 11" cream-colored certificate accompanies the flag which comes in an attractive box so the set is immediately ready for presentation.

The flag shipped is flown over Memorial Continental Hall as part of a ceremony in honor of the celebratory day the flag is being purchased for.  Flags are shipped as soon as possble after an order has been placed.

Choose from the months below: 

  • Flag only with a blank certificate (certificate will be blank)
  • April in honor of Patriots' Day (Apr. 19th, 2025). Order by April 11th, 2025
  • June in honor of Flag Day (Jun. 14th, 2025). Order by June 1, 2025. 
  • September in honor of Constitution Day (Sept. 17th). Order by September 9, 2024
  • November in honor of Veterans Day (Nov. 11th). Order by October 31, 2024. 

This is an outdoor flag with grommets that attach to a flagpole and raised.

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