America 250! Commendation Medal and Certificate Set

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The DAR America 250! Commendation medal and certificate set is for recognition of individuals (non-DAR members) and groups that have demonstrated extraordinary efforts to not only honor the men and women who achieved American Independence, but also to educate others about their service and sacrifice.  The certificate is cream colored and measures 8.5" x 11".

Examples of meritorious service may include erecting, rediscovering, restoring, and/or rededicating Revolutionary War-related monuments, plaques, gravesites and other memorials in communities, towns, or cities through publicly celebrated projects or events, publishing books or articles about Revolutionary War Patriots or events, and organizing community projects or events to raise awareness of the Patriots who supported the cause of liberty during the American Revolutionary War.

Learn more about the DAR’s participation in the 250th anniversary of the United States by visiting our America 250! Committee webpage.

The document jackets are available and sold separately.  A template for the certificate can be found here in templates.

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