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The Circle Of Life Scarf

SKU: 3911

The “Circle of Life” scarf is a reproduction of a painting by Minisa Crumbo, the daughter of the renowned Woody Crumbo, a past Art Director at Bacone College, Muskogee, OK. This beautiful and wearable work of art measures 35” X 35” and is 100% polyester.

The scarf’s design represents the circle of life, long regarded as sacred and integral to Native American culture, and has many meanings. The Earth to which we belong is a circle. By day we are guided by the arc of the round sun and by night our dreams are lit by a circular moon. The seasons come and go forming circular pattern and rhythm for nature to number our days. Our own lives follow the path of the circle of seasons from birth to rebirth. The circle is also a representation of family and the close ties that bind us together. Within the circle there is protection and words spoken within the circle are respected equally. As you wear this scarf may the Great Spirit’s blessings be with you always. The full description of the design is provided along with the purchase of the scarf. The proceeds will benefit the American Indian Fund and Bacone College.

For more information about DAR's work with Bacone College visit the DAR School Committee webpage . You will also want visit the DAR American Indians Committee webpage.